Hi Mom (I Built a Nest II)

Hi Mom - I Built a Nest II

What is the first thing people say when a video camera is turned on them? Usually, 'hi mom'. For better or worse, mothers are one of the most powerful influences in a person's life. I came face to face with this awesome responsiblity when I had my first child.  As his creator, I was determined to instill a sense of security, both physically and mentally, within him and his environment. I built a nest made of quilts in response to my new priority.

Common to both humans and animals, the uncontrollable desire to prepare, clean and fortify one’s home from external threats before an impending birth is referred to as a ‘nesting instinct’. To help with this preparation, there has been a long tradition of women creating items by hand like quilts and knitted blankets for the expected child.  More than just functional, each object represents community, love, family, and security. These are the items I used to build my nest. They represent this positivity present in the world yet the nest's mere existence is a response to my desire to protect my child from all that is negative in the world. The nest is a warm, safe place while its location in a RV, the ominous audio, the common phrase 'hi mom' looped into distortion, å la Steve Reich, reminds us that this secure place is fragile and always threatened. The video was shot in the wee hours of the night as I sacrificed sleep and sanity to keep this being alive. I, as a mother now, must be diligent to keep his security in tact.